Jul 14, 2013

Mountains Beyond Mountains

As I mentioned the other day, I headed home for part of the weekend and got some much much needed relaxation and rest. Being at home always seems to inspire me in ways that I can't really explain. I ended up staying up far too late one night creating a new painting! I suppose that someday (if I want to have any sort of income) I'll have to start making pretty things that people actually want to hang on their walls, but for now I'm definitely in a messy colorless stage in my art. 
I seem to be finding that time at home always launches me into this mini identity crisis. So many major events have happened since I first moved out two years ago- a few years of college education, living abroad for 4 months, learning so much about God, losing my mom... not to mention small changes like learning how to manage money, fix broken sinks, and deal with real-life adult friendships and emotions. It's so strange coming back to a place that should be totally comfortable, but realizing that I'm not the same person I was when I left there. I find this inexplicable peace there, but also am pushed to keep learning where I belong in the world. So much to think about...

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