Aug 25, 2013

New Art: Illusion #1

Tonight I finished my first piece in a brand-spanking-new body of work I'm diving into. WOO. I have a small show coming up in our student gallery soon, and I'm planning on creating several of these embroidered canvases within the next few weeks.

Basically all of the art I've made in the past two years has been related to thinking about memories, and as I worked on these it came to me that they're really an extension of that. I've thought a lot about the strange way that our mind holds onto things... often subconsciously editing things to fit what we've idealized a memory to be. It blows my mind how memories can change overtime, warping what I believe to be reality into a mockery of a clean-cut rainbow-filled Hollywood film.

Any comments? Critiques? Suggestions? I'm thick-skinned and want to learn from people!


  1. Lyric, do you use real photos from your childhood?

    1. No, they're actually photos of different grown women.... sort of this idea of growing up and looking back at your memories and realizing how they've changed.