Sep 1, 2013

My Handmade Coffee Sack Backpack

Happy Sunday, dear readers! 

Today I'm here to share a project I've been working on for awhile now. One day this summer I was at a local coffee shop casually sipping on my iced americano when I saw some burlap coffee bean sacks on sale for $2 each. They all had really unique patterns and came from all over the world, and the moment I saw them I know I wanted to make something. We were destined to be together, those sacks and I.

So, I started sewing. I knew I wanted to make some sort of slouch-styled bag, so I sort of just started making a bag shape while obsessively watching episodes of Orange is the New Black  (anyone else helplessly addicted to this show?? I am not a tv person, but I may or may not have finally caved into subscribing to Netflix just for this show... oh, and Lost) and this is where it ended up! Since I didn't really plan ahead I don't exactly have a DIY to share, but I'm hoping this project can at least spur some inspiration

I found the pleather-ish material at JoAnn fabrics and thought it would be a good addition for the base and straps since it's quite a bit sturdier than the burlap. I also found the clasp there, and the tribal patterned ribbon was something I found buried in my craft box.

So far this bag has held up great, even carrying heavy things like textbooks. And the nice thing about creating things from scratch is that them totally customized to your own style and needs.

What sewing projects have you guys been working on lately?

// dress: thrifted // brown lacey thing: Forever 21 //


  1. This is amazing & I was totally distracted by your outfit! I love those colors together.

    ♥, Brittney @ True Vintage Love

  2. Thank you ladies! :) Just checked out both of your blogs- so much awesome creativity going on.