Nov 6, 2013

DIY Teacup (Anti)Candle

The fact that I'm not allowed to have candles burning is one of my greatest laments about dorm-life. Lately, a bunch of women on my floor have been using Scentsy's, and they smell absolutely delectable! But after seeing their steep cost, I figured this was a perfect place to save some cash and find my own way to create a Scentsy instead. 

1. Gather up some cute teacups and candles. I used a bunch of these tiny candles that I was never going to burn, but this would also be a great place to use candle nubs — those awkward little bits of candle left after you burn most of it.

2. Pull out the wicks. Usually you can do this by flipping the candle upside down and pulling on the small silver circle on the bottom, but if that's not possible you can just pick them out as the candle melts.

3. Break the candles into small chunks. Be aware that this can leave a waxy residue on the surface you break them on, so be sure to lay down something to cut on. 

4. Combine scents and flavors that seem to go together into your teacups (I created one fruity, summery scent and another warm, sugary vanilla scent!) and place them on a candle warmer until all of the wax becomes liquid. (NOTE: Don't have a candle warmer? I swear, these things are the #1 hot commodity at thrift stores! They're everywhere. My local thrift store had an entire box of them, all selling for $1.00)

Now you have a reusable "Scentsy" that is dorm-safe, kid-safe and (in my humble opinion) far prettier and daintier.

What have you been creating lately?? 

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  1. How clever! I just love this idea~

    I found your blog through the Totally Awesome Blog Hop! Hope your night is going well!