Feb 8, 2014

DIY Coffee Filter Monogram Letters

As I may or may not have mentioned a few times before, my sister got married over Christmas break! As her maid of honor (and more importantly sister) I got to help out with a lot of dreaming and scheming to make the big day happen. One of my favorite projects was planning a bridal shower in our hometown for her. Showers are SO fun, because you get to plan crafts, food, the whole shebang! Today I'm sharing one of my favorite DIY projects from that day! I wanted something fun to hang above the food table, and created....

DIY Coffee Filter Monogram Letters

What you'll need: 
cardboard, sharpie, scissors or a boxcutter, coffee filters, coffee or tea, cake pan, hot glue

1. First, you'll need to draw the shape of your letters on the cardboard and cut it out. It's important to try and find cardboard that is thick enough to hold its shape, but not too hard to cut through. 

2. Next, start folding your coffee filters. I used about 50 for two 1.5 foot tall letters. You'll need to fold them in half, then in half again to create a triangle shape like shown below. Try not to squash them too much during the process — you'll want them to still look ruffly and keep their folds. Place your folded filters into a cake pan. 

3. Brew tea or coffee and pour it over your letters, trying to distribute them evenly. I used coffee for half of mine, and tea for the other half so that my end result would have two slightly different colored letters. Pour enough coffee to coat all of the filters, but try not to leave too much liquid sitting at the bottom. Your filters will start to flatten out at this point, but as long as you don't push down on them they'll regain their shape after they dry. 

4. Put the pan in the oven! Check on them every once in awhile, and once they are completely dry take them out. (IMPORTANT: They need to be completely dry. If they're damp at all, they'll eventually start to mold. This happened to me with my first batch... it was disgusting. Learn from my mistakes! That being said, I'm assuming they'd catch on fire or something if you left them in for too long. Lesson learned: just check them. A lot.) My filters were dry after about 15 minutes on medium heat. 

5. Hot glue the filters onto your cardboard letters in your desired pattern! 

(Excuse the poor quality photo! My phone that had all nice photos of this project finalized bit the dust recently... so I stole this from my sister's Instagram.)

And voila! An elegant party decor idea that is (literally) made of trash.

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