Jun 25, 2013

B & R

Last weekend I was so lucky to get to be a part of the wedding of some of the very best people I’ve been graced to meet in my life so far. My good friends Becky and Robert tied the knot in the one-of-a-kind city of Grand Rapids!

Becky and I met while studying abroad together in the unforgettable land of Romania this past year. She’s one of those oh-so-rare people who come into your life, and you instantly know that they’re never going to leave it. I have learned so much from her and feel incredibly lucky to get to spend time with a lady so wise and passionate.

The wedding was so them; they wanted to have time to spend with the people they love, so they rented out an entire camp for the weekend. It was great to meet up with friends I hadn’t seen since school let out, explore the woods, and dance my tail off. Since I was so busy preparing for the wedding, I don’t have too many pictures of the actual festivities. But Sir Matt and I did take the opportunity to take a mini roadtrip and do some exploring of our own…
 The two actually decided to get married while Becky and I were overseas in Romania, and since there were only a few months until the June date they had in mind, Becky and Robert began planning over the magical powers of Skype. I got to listen to her gush about this incredible man and all of the plans they had in store. The girls living in our apartment at the time (Apartment Jane, as it was so dubbed) even decided to throw her a “Pre-engagement Bridal Shower” with our limited Romanian resources. And when I finally met Robert this past winter, I realized why she was so smitten! These are one those couples who are going to change the world people. 

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