Jun 19, 2013

Pedals & Petals

I’m living in a city this summer! Okay, so Des Moines might be considered dinky compared to other Midwest cities like Chicago or Kansas City, but to a girl who’s never lived in a population greater than 11,000, it can be a shocker! I love exploring new places (hello farmer’s market, coffee shops, and vintage stores!) and seeing people I don’t know on the street each day, but finding the serenity and greenness of this park just down the street from my apartment was a much needed mid-week breath of relief. 
(Shirt // Forever 21, Skirt // thrifted, Shoes // borrowed from roommate, who got them in Italy! Ring // gift from my Mom)

Some of the paths at Gray’s Lake Park are bustling with runners suctioned between layers of neon nylon workout clothing like meat in a sausage tube and energetically scampering children, but if you explore the paths towards the back of the park things calm down. The trees overgrow the path a bit and the grass slants down towards the rocky shore of the Raccoon River. 

And the best picture of the night…. Attempting to ride my bike with that boy on my handlebars!

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