Jun 18, 2013

Weaved Chair Makeover

All of this summer sunshine lately has had me itching to find ways to add more color and brightness to my space. The moment I laid my eyes on this beauty of a chair at Goodwill last week, I knew she was coming home with me. The shape is so unique, so I decided all it needed was a bit of TLC...

Weaved Chair Makeover
(Sorry for the lack of process photos... I did most of this project in the evenings after work and couldn't get it lit well.)

(1) After a good wipe down, I painted the chair with 2 coats of white paint to lighten up the color a bit and cover all of the areas that were chipping. (I used Master's Touch Acrylic in "Milky White" from Hobby Lobby.)

(2) After pulling the wicker seat base out, I cut several different fabrics into 1.5 inch strips that covered the length of the chair. I tied the fabric going across in one direction, until I had stripes covering the seat.

(3) At this point, I actually slid the wicker seat back under strips to its original position to make the chair more comfortable.

(4) Finally, I tied the strips coming the alternate direction, weaving them through the original stripes as I went. I secured each knot in place on the edges of the chair using a dab of hot glue.

What summer DIY's have you been working on?

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