Jul 11, 2013

A Dress Makeover

The summer is flying past me. It's hard to believe that in just a few short weeks I'll be moving out of this quaint little summer apartment I've learned to call home, and be heading back to school. It's almost a little overwhelming! This summer is certainly teaching me to cherish the present and the people that are a part of my life right at this moment; I might not have the luxury of being with them for quite awhile once August rolls around.

This outfit saw one of those slow summer nights where the humid air is so still that for just a few moments it might feel like time isn't moving so quickly. I found the dress (in the state where you can see it below...) a few weeks ago at Goodwill, and instantly fell in love with the pattern. I will forever be a floral girl. 
I took in the waist a few inches, then chopped off the sleeves and sewed them into little cuffs. I also shortened the bottom about an inch, tightened up a few buttons, and sewed up the ridiculously high-cut slit at the bottom of the dress. The fabric of this dress is so soft, and I just know that it will get a lot of love the rest of the summer. :)

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