Jul 12, 2013

Weekend Dance Party

Just hopping in to post a few music-related things that I've found/have been shown to me lately, and are super inspiring. I'm thinking that I love the music in this post so much because it's all video of live recordings. Audiotree, the production company that recorded and put out the second clip below, describes their videos this way: 

"We believe in presenting artists exactly as they perform.  The audio you hear on every Audiotree Live session is the live mix- no post production, no tuning, no time aligning, no cheating.  If a band sounds great, it’s because they played great.  The sessions feel like you are in the faces of the musicians because that’s where our videographers are."

I've been a longtime find of the Soil & the Sun, and they recently posted this song that they recorded around a table at SXSW (link below): 
(photo from the band's Facebook page)

And this is a band that one of my friends just showed to me this week.... I loved this session so much that I listened to it three times in one day (link below):
(photo from the band's Facebook page)

Happy weekending!

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