Oct 15, 2013


Hey, guess what? 

I'm alive! Though, admittedly, just barely.

Midterms can really take a toll on a person. The past few weeks have brought so many adventures, challenges and massive workloads that blogging took a much-needed little hiatus. It not only gave me the time to get above water on things outside of this space, but also gave me some time to think about the kind of content I'm sharing and where I see this blog leading me. Hopefully you'll see a shift in the content being a more honest reflection of the lady behind the screen. As a student who is far more dedicated to seeking knowledge, Jesus, a boy, the most beautiful friends, my family and exploring than I am to posting online, I've come to peace with not feeling pressured to be here constantly.

That being said, I love blogging! And today I have a project that I'm wonderfully excited to share with you all. I just finished a little trio of pieces that were auctioned off last week to raise money for women and children living in a transitional housing facility here in Orange City called The Bridge. I wrote a bit about the last piece you see here.

This work holds a very special place in my heart. I feel like as an artist it's taken me years, but I'm finally settling into work that ends up being a balance of a process I enjoy and an end aesthetic that I enjoy.

Here's a bit of what I wrote previously about the thoughts behind these pieces:

"Basically all of the art I've made in the past two years has been related to thinking about memories, and as I worked on these it came to me that they're really an extension of that. I've thought a lot about the strange way that our mind holds onto things... often subconsciously editing things to fit what we've idealized a memory to be. It blows my mind how memories can change overtime, warping what I believe to be reality into a mockery of a clean-cut rainbow-filled Hollywood film."

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  1. Your name is Lyric? That is amazing. I am so in awe of people with unique names and secretly wish my parents named me something unique and different. First of all, your blog is beautiful and I cannot stress enough how crazy midterms are! I just took my first 2 and now I have a few coming up this week. So not ready.

    The pieces you created for the auction are wonderful! Makes me wish I was artistic. Keep doing what you're doing! Can't wait to read more of your blog!